Minimum Essential Coverage

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Affordable Option for Employers

Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) Plans for Employees – As low as $133.75 per month employee-only coverage

MEC Plans are an affordable option for employers with a large number of low-wage employees (such as restaurants, leisure and hospitality companies, labor companies, daycare centers, franchise owners, veterinary practices, etc.). MEC plans offer all of the same benefits as a major medical plan, either with minimal or no hospitalization coverage, and the price is a fraction of the cost of a major medical policy.

Minimum Essential Coverage Offers

  • Preventative care (routine physical exams, mammograms, etc.) 
  • Primary Care and Specialist Office Visits at a low copay
  • Regular diagnostic and advanced diagnostic/imaging at an affordable copay
  • Discounts on prescriptions
  • A wide network of physicians
  • TelaDoc Telemedicine (click here for more information).

In all likelihood, these benefits will decrease the employee's chances of needing hospitalization.

Employees can pay the full premium, or the Employer can pay a portion. Low-income employees will have good medical coverage (that is not just catastrophic coverage) at a very low cost.

MEC plans are ACA-compliant, so employers and employees don't have to worry about any penalties associated with ACA mandates.

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Following is a Summary of Benefits for the Most Popular Plan


  • TELADOC 24/7 (Multilingual)
  • Pharmacy Benefits (WellDyneRx)
  • Preventative Care Visits
  • Primary Care Visits (3 per plan year)
  • Specialist Visits (3 per plan year)
  • Urgent Care Visits (3 per plan year)
  • MRI and CT Scan Benefits (max 1 CT or MRI per plan year)
  • X-ray and Lab Benefits (5 per plan year)


  • Guarantee issue
  • Minimum group size of 4 employees
  • No participation requirements
  • Employers can contribute 0%-100% of premium
  • It can be used alongside most major carriers (medical, voluntary, ancillary)
  • COBRA services are included in the premium
  • All 1094 & 1095 forms are filled out at no additional charge
  • If a member exceeds 3 primary care, 3 specialists, and/or 3 urgent care visits, the member will receive a PHCS network discount
  • Rates do not increase for four (4) years.